Woodwork+Pub is a one-stop shop for custom commercial millwork that offers superior service, a high level of craftsmanship, and over 30 years of experience in the Edmonton, Alberta, area.

Areas of Work


We have experience building bars and liquor displays, custom tables, group seating, and kitchen surfaces. We can also add partitions, wall accents, and ceiling features for that finishing touch.


We can outfit any office or retail building with storefronts, wood and glass doors, and custom furniture such as desks and conference tables to create a professional working atmosphere.


Working with builders and housing developers, we can furnish condos and apartments with large volumes of custom millwork, including kitchen cabinets, countertops, and wall and ceiling features.


Woodwork+Pub’s dedicated upholstery staff works with our team of artisan woodworkers to create any style of furniture or radius work. We specialize in restaurant boothing, but our recent expansion in the upholstery division has allowed us to serve our customers in other commercial areas, such as volume seating and bar stools.

Our skilled needleworkers provide in-house patterning and templates for any project. We have access to a range of commercial-grade fabrics, vinyls, leathers, and custom-shaped foam options from several manufacturers.

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Butcher Block

Woodwork+Pub’s butcher block can be used for commercial countertops, kitchen backsplashes, shelves, cutting boards, and custom furniture pieces. Our artisans can produce large volumes of custom butcher block using any kind of wood, and in any shape and size.

As part of our philosophy of continual improvement, we take steps to build a better butcher block. Each of the pieces are layered and glued together for a stronger bond and greater support. The butcher block is then aged and treated with our End+Edge Technology, making it food safe, waterproof, and impact resistant while eliminating the need for maintenance.

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