State & Main

State & Main is an urban-inspired kitchen and bar with multiple locations across Canada. WW+P has furnished all locations to date, including builds in Aurora, Guelph, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Calgary.


This project was the new State & Main location at Southgate Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. It was a large room in a high-traffic area, and they asked for the complete package: everything from doors to furniture to ceiling, all customized to the builders’ specifications.

But it wasn’t enough just to build a list of furniture. We had to work with the designer to understand and meet their vision for the space: a warm, hand-crafted interior that would not only be the perfect place for customers to relax, but would add a new twist to the State & Main brand.

Due to the number of locations opening across Canada, our franchise clients maintain tight deadlines and high standards of quality. We brought our care and craftsmanship to the table, and the final product was nothing less than outstanding.



The first thing visitors see is our oak-and-glass entry doors. When they get inside, they see our millwork features on nearly every surface throughout the restaurant: everywhere from the massive custom mouldings over the bar, to the enormous bulkhead supported by sturdy oak gallow brackets, to the fleur-de-lis screens paired with glass.

We used pony walls throughout the interior as partitions. These needed a high level of control over their intense finishes, so we built them in-house and delivered the pre-finished pieces to the site. The dining tables were built from 2″-thick oak butcher block, stained a dark walnut, and coated with our patented End+Edge Technology for a waterproof, maintenance-free finish.

The interior designer used artful lighting to accentuate our work. The hanging ceiling feature in the bar area, made from finished oak and rough-sawn panelling, is accentuated by a circular piece that shows off the contrast between the types of wood. This is similar to pieces we built for other State & Main locations, but the combination of reclaimed-looking materials and bright lighting added a new level of ambience.


StateMain-WoodworkImg01 StateMain-WoodworkImg02 StateMain-WoodworkImg03


We crafted steel into custom door handles, brackets for the ceiling and washroom sinks, and the elbow rest on the bar. This gave the build just enough edge to contrast with the rich woodwork, which helped to create the classic yet contemporary atmosphere that State & Main is known for.


For State & Main, quality is one of their top concerns. Instead of depending on over-the-counter materials, we designed a number of custom mirrors with classic oak frames. These were hung on the back bar, along the hallways, and in the washrooms to give the illusion of additional space.