1984 – Woodwork+Pub was founded. At the time, it occupied 5,000 square feet and had four full-time employees.

2009 – Woodwork+Pub was purchased by Cory Brightwell, and the shop expanded to 6,000 square feet and six full-time employees. Maurice Peloquin joined management as part-owner and Production Director.

2011 – Woodwork+Pub acquired 10,000 additional square feet to further expand operations, and staff grew to 12 full-time employees. Brent Bell joined management as part-owner and Sales & Marketing Director.

2012 – Woodwork+Pub acquired fully automated processing equipment and opened an upholstery division. Staff grew to 19 full-time employees. We began manufacturing, shipping, and installing our work across Western Canada.

2013 – Woodwork+Pub opened the butcher block division and a full-time steel shop. We acquired 4,000 additional square feet with two mezzanine levels, increasing our overall manufacturing space to 20,000 square feet. We also successfully completed two large restaurants in Ontario and two in Winnipeg, and expanded our shipping range across Canada.

2014 – Woodwork+Pub is currently building a second mezzanine level for another full upholstery team. We recently installed a fully automated industrial radio-frequency glue production line to minimize butcher block production time and increase capacity. Our projects are now expanding into the United States.