Caribou Block

Woodwork+Pub is proud to present the next generation of butcher block. Created by our modern artisans, Caribou is the ideal addition to any commercial build.

Custom Butcher Block

Woodwork+Pub’s butcher block can be used for commercial countertops, kitchen backsplashes, shelves, cutting boards, and custom furniture pieces. Our artisans can produce large volumes of custom butcher block using any kind of wood, and in any shape and size.

As part of our philosophy of continual improvement, we take steps to build a better butcher block. Each of the pieces are layered and glued together for a stronger bond and greater support. The butcher block is then aged and treated with our End+Edge Technology, making it food safe, waterproof, and impact resistant while eliminating the need for maintenance.

Woodwork+Pub’s proprietary End+Edge Technology makes our butcher block completely watertight, food safe, and impact resistant, all while giving a 100% matte sheen that’s identical to that of a traditional oiled and waxed butcher block.