The first thing visitors see is our oak-and-glass entry doors. When they get inside, they see our millwork features on nearly every surface throughout the restaurant: everywhere from the massive custom mouldings over the bar, to the enormous bulkhead supported by sturdy oak gallow brackets, to the fleur-de-lis screens paired with glass.

We used pony walls throughout the interior as partitions. These needed a high level of control over their intense finishes, so we built them in-house and delivered the pre-finished pieces to the site. The dining tables were built from 2″-thick oak butcher block, stained a dark walnut, and coated with our patented End+Edge Technology for a waterproof, maintenance-free finish.

The interior designer used artful lighting to accentuate our work. The hanging ceiling feature in the bar area, made from finished oak and rough-sawn panelling, is accentuated by a circular piece that shows off the contrast between the types of wood. This is similar to pieces we built for other State & Main locations, but the combination of reclaimed-looking materials and bright lighting added a new level of ambience.


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